Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CHA Highlights and Pics

CHA was at the end of January and I got to go with Stamp Fever this year. There is so much hype around going but it is really for retailers to see what they want to order for their stores. I got to walk around with Linda (Stamp Fever's Store Manager) and we had a blast. We went by the Faber-Castell booth and I was explaining that my Idol Jill Foster makes lots of videos with their color pencils. So Linda suggested I see if they have a make in take where I could try them out. We went to sit down and as I was putting all our bags down, Linda leaned over and whispered in my ear... "did you see who;'s helping us?" I quickly looked up to my surprise to see my Idol miss Jill Foster!!! I just love Jill's videos and all the beautiful work she creates. I swear all of a sudden got all giddy! I even asked for a picture!!

Here are Jill and I at CHA!

Here are Kathy, Linda and I at the Lawn Fawn booth with their giant props from their Say Cheese line. 

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  1. So glad you guys all had so much fun!! And Jill looks so sweet! What a great picture of you both!