Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2008 Pumpkin Patch pics

2008 Pumpkin patch pics

Mac n Cheesiest

I love these pics of my son when he was little. I used real mac n cheese noodles and orange chalk for the cheese effect.

Hat Birthday Card

I had this in the first part of Dec for my friends birthday with the matching envelope on the left. She loved it! I have a funny picture with her in a hat for inspiration!

Scrapbook Expo Jan 2009 - My first Trip

I made this after my 1st scrapbook Expo. I went with my SIL and had a ton of fun!

Memory Board

Halloween 2009 Cards

Here are some Halloween cards I had made. I got the drippy goo punch so I had to try it out.

father's day 2008 Waterfall Card Golf - Husband

I made this one for my husband for Father's Day. The inside I made my own golf course. The flag even popped up! This was a fun one to make.

father's day 2008 Waterfall Card Golf

Another Father's Day Card for a co-worker - Golf (The brads say DAD)

Father's day 2008 Waterfall Cards Jordan

Another Father's Day card for a co-worker - Michael Jordan Fan

Father's day 2008 Waterfall Cards Lakers

Laker Waterfall card "Father's Day" - Made this for a co-worker June 2008

This was the card I sent to little Noah last month. He was dying of cancer and was not going to make it to Christmas. He wished to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. I believe he got over 80,000 cards. Instead of gifts he would not be able to enjoy, the family requested a $1 donation be sent which would be donated to the children's cancer fund in his name. I made the big present into a pocket to hold the dollar. The tag says "open me". During his interview on the news he said he wasn't scared about dying because he was going to be an angel with god. This touched me so much (I have a child his age) so I create this card just for him, making him into a little angel.

Breast Cancer Card with Pink E & Pink Journey Cart

After I got Pink Journey cart I was inspired to make a card for someone who was a survivor of breast cancer so posted I received a message from a survivor who was willing to let me send her a card. This is what I made and sent for her.