Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Scrap organization

Here is my closest all nice and cleaned out. I was able to free up a bunch of space by moving my paper and paper stacks to my new unit. It's not completely organized yet but at least it's clean and I can walk in :-) PS if you missed my posts before, this is my hall closet which I use for my scrapbook stuff.

This is the view when you open the door. At the top you can see the black paper dividers. I asked for those for Christmas. They hold all my loose patterened paper and my CTMH and SU paper kits. Above that you can see my CTMH stamps. There are three on top and three down the side. What can I say I like stamps :-) Currently I have my punches in an over the dor shoe hanger but I have ran out of room. You can kinda see them on the right of the picture.

Here is the upper part of the closet. At the very top I have my rolling totes and in the corner you'll see my scrapbooks. I have to say most are empty. :-( The pink bag is my tote with my glues and tools etc. The acordian folder looking rainbow is how I keep my scrap pieces of paper. They are organized by color. Again I'm growing out of that as well so I am going to get a small file foler plastic bin and see if that works better. Also, below the shelf which you cant really see is my wireless printer. It's wonderful not to have to have my computer connected and be able to print from another room.

Here is a better view of the whole inside. I have 4 tall and 3 wide of jet max cubes. The brown box was my cricut cake mini!!! Can't wait to use it!!
Here is a close up of my rolling totes. The one on the left is for my E and the black one is for supplies etc for crops.

Here is a better shot of the top of the cubes. There are 6 total CTMH stamp cases full :-) The jars have flowers and buttons, chipboard pieces and Cricut markers. Again the black paper file is Loose patterned paper, SU and CTMH paper kits. All my solid paper and paper stacks are in my ne unit pictured in the post before this one.

I have a few more pics to post later. I havent taken pics of my card organization and my new Cricut book and overlay storage so stay tuned!!