Friday, February 17, 2012

Cards for my next class...

I'm going to take you on a trip through the scary process my mind does before making cards... Did I mention it was scary? HAHA I dont always go through this process but I find myself drawing out an idea more often for my class cards then just for regular cards I need to make. But again it really just depends on if I can go make it right away or if I want to remember the idea. I needed to make my samples for my next class on Feb 25th and I wasn't able to sit and make them so I grabbed some paper and drew a few ideas. Below are the drawing and the final sample card for class. Don't be scared :-)

Here I wanted to use the Penny Black Valentine "All you Need" cling in a non-valentines way.

I ended up using butterflies instead of clouds to make it more FRIENDly

 Here is the card next to the drawing.
 Here is the funniest drawing of them all. What are those O's and F's you ask? Music notes? Symbols? Look at the next picture and find out!
They are Keys!! HAHA Good thing Hero Arts draws better Keys then me :-) I paper pieced this flower instead of coloring it!

 Here is the final and possibly my favorite! I couldnt really figure out how to draw it but since I knew what stamp I planned on using it was okay! (Looks more like sea shells!)
But it the beautiful Starburst Lace stamp from Hero Arts!

Well Those are my cards and I hope you like them. I was very happy with the way they came out. Lots of embossing and inking on these cards. "Just for you Katie the inky queen!" :-) I should of taken a picture of my fingers haha

Well until next time!


  1. lol thanks, sometimes I ink them just for you. :D Your cards look awesome. I'm excited to see these in person.

  2. Fabulous designs Gina! Thanks for sharing your process of sketching an idea. It was so much fun seeing it come to life!