Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embossed Rose Card

I've really been trying to think outside my comfort zone and design cards that dont look like others I've done. I feel that sometimes you get used to a type of style and although you use different paper, ribbon and punches, the layout maybe the same. So I tried something new with this one. I embossed the Rose with a bronze embossing powder but I added a little green of the mineral powder to it then heat set it. The minerals left a shine to the paper when I shook it off the image. So I went back and rubbed it all over the card. Because it's a mineral, it would rub off so I used hairspray to "set" the shimmer. I then embossed an extra piece of paper and then punched out the corner pieces to match the rose. Also, because of the punched corners (ms punch) I wasn't able to adhere the corners to the matte so when I heat set the rose the corners rolled up but I REALLY like the way it turned out and it gave it good dimention and added to the effect. Hope you like it as much as I do!

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