Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I've been REALLY busy in invitation land :-)

A co-worker and friend of mine Kali, referred me to her friend who was looking for wedding invite "improvements" she purchased a very simple but beautiful wedding invite online and wanted it sprused up a little bit. This is where I came in. Once the invitations arrived and were dropped off to me I had only 1 week to beautify 150-200 wedding invites as well as make the reception cards. This is a challange I took on. Christina the bride to be gave me direction, a color palette and let me do my thing.

Here is the outside of the card. The only part you can see that I added was the small purple strip going down the middle. That was a result from what we added to the inside. The front needed nothing from me to make it beautiful since it already was.

 Here is the inside of the card opened up. I added the purple panels on each side and added the photo corners to make your attention focus on the details. I love the way it turned out and it really did just give it that simple addition of color.

 Here is the matching reception card I made to go inside. It too matches the theme. I added a digital rose from SU and changed the color to light blue and added that to the background like a watermark to tie in the rose from the front of the invite.

 This picture represents the mess you can make when you are building 200 invitations :-)

And here are the what felt like millions of photo corners that I hand glued on each invitation. 

Hope you like them. The Bride and Groom were pleased which means I did my job :-)

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