Thursday, December 15, 2011

Understanding fractions in a (s)inch - Ruler Rules

Happy Thursday everyone,

Well my classes for December are over and I had a great turnout at both my "Explosion Box" classes. I had 8 lovely ladies at my Saturday class and 7 at my Thursday class. As I was making my samples, I decided to make instructions to go along with them. That way the ladies taking my class could go home and make more without having to remember and figure out what I said in class. (I'll post the instructions later) As I made them, I was using my paper cuter to trim the paper etc and realized that I really didn't know off hand what the little lines were in fractions to add to my instructions. So each time I had to count the lines and figure it out. I'm a VERY visual person so I made a little 1 inch graph for myself to use. Then I decided that I should share this information with everyone incase they are confused like I was. I hope this helps. Please feel free to pass it along as well, I just ask that you give me credit. Thanks! Gina

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  1. Thank a lot, Finally I will be able to understand the measures. =)