Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cleaning House - Stamps for Sale

Happy Thursday everyone. As you may know I used to be a CTMH consultant a couple years back, and I have a TON of stamps I  haven't ever used or are slightly used and are just taking up space. If you're interested please let me know.

Email me at Gina at stuckongluecraft dot com or post here with your email and I'll respond.

C1221 choo choo train NEW - $6

W191 precious smiles USED - $4
A1079 amore lowercase USED - $4
C1244 glistening snow NEW - $6
C1368 treetops NEW - $6
D1152 follow your dreams NEW - $6
B1167 thinking of you NEW - $6
A1092 simple invites ONE STAMP USED - $5
C1346 family ties adults USED - $4
C1345 family ties children NEW - $6
B1307 whimsical wings NEW - $6
C1243 a friend is NEW - $6
D1422 wonderful friend NEW - $6
A118 hope  NEW - $5
D1366 holiday trinkets ONE STAMP USED - $5
B1328 backwoods NEW - $6


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