Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My First Tri Fold Card

This card I made for my friend to take to a birthday party for a woman turning 70. The picture I used was the cover of the invite and was the woman when he was younger. Oh and it was my first attempt at a tri fold card. I think it was one of my best yet!

Here are my simple instructions!

Cut base paper at 6x12
Score at 2", 4" 8" 10"
Turn paper vertical, measure 1 1/2" in and cut from the 2" score line to the 10" score line turn and do other side.

Thats it!

You can go by my pics on which direction to make the folds.

Also the hardest part for me was cutting the patterned paper so the background paper showed. I just used the steps above didnt score but did the cuts using the ruler part of the cutter starting at 2 in and ending at 10 in then I just cut the pieces instead of scoring them. After that I just used scissors and trimmed in a little so the background showed!

Tada that's it! Sorry if it doesn't make sense :-) I googled Tri fold cards on Youtube.


  1. Wow!! I love this card!Love the papers you used your friend will love this!

  2. This is one of the nicest tri-fold cards I've ever seen! It's beautiful, a real stunner, and sure to be cherished.

  3. Love the colors of your tri-fold card. Finally simple instructions I can follow. TFS