Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shop Hop 2012 - Wacky Holidays

Wow it's beena while since I posted, and to be honest I was EXTREAMLY busy and then I just haven't wanted to do anything because I was so burnt out. Being on the Design Team for Stamp Fever meant that I participated in the preparation of Shop Hop 2012. This year I designed the 6x6 scrapbook pages. I was also incharge of making 500 of them :-)!! as you can imagine that look quite some time. Here is the designs I came up with. Our theme was a secret garden so the page reflected the theme.
I also made the shirts for the Design Team.
When I wasn't making page kits or working at the store, I was able to spend the day Shop Hopping with my fellow SF Design Team member Katie and my daughter Jordan. Here are some pictures of our adventure. We went to 15 store I think, in one day. I even made a shirt for Jordan to wear. She and I were twins!

This is our favorite picture :-)

 After a LONG day of Shop Hopping my little shopper feel asleep on the way home.
 And here is my Shop Hop bag with all my pins :-)


  1. My Gina you have been busy!! Super 6x6 layout page.... I am amazed that you made 500! Way to go!! Loved all your photos with your daughter...a special day to remember.

  2. Hi Gina, my name is Jenyfur and I work for Ribbons Unlimited. Could you please email me at when you get a chance? Thanks!